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  • What are plyometrics and how can they benefit my training?
    Plyometrics are the base of all dynamic movements where a landing and takeoff occurs. For many, plyometrics are termed as any movement that has a fast and dynamic landing, with a ground contact time of under 0.25s - as fast as you can blink! With that in mind, we can class many movements as plyometric - from hopping and bounding, to jump events and even sprinting. Considering almost all dynamic sports involve the movements mentioned above - then training to improve the speed, power and strength of those movements will only support you in being a better athlete and player. Understand that plyometrics can help you develop physical capabilities that will enable you to jump higher and further, run faster, improve your movement efficiency to out-manoeuvre opponents and decrease the risk of potential injuries. Read more from our Founder Matt, here.
  • What makes Plus Plyos so knowledgeable in plyometrics?
    All of our programs are designed by Matt McInnes Watson, who is a coach, ex-athlete and PhD Researcher in Plyometrics. Matt's personal experience with locomotive plyos spans over 10 years and has been directly influenced by over 40 years of knowledge and development from his mentor and coach, Erik Little.
  • Is this a full training program?
    Our programs are supplementary and should add-on to support training you already receive. The amount of plyometric sessions you will be doing will depend on the tier and type of program you choose. We recommend following the program as it comes, however some of our athletes enjoy separating tiers to add into warm ups or alongside other sessions they may do throughout the week. Whether you're part of a team, individual athlete or just looking to improve the way you move, there's something here for you.
  • I've never done plyometrics before. Can I do your programs?
    Yes! We have starter programs for beginners and can help you focus on keeping good form and moving correctly.
  • Plyometrics have injured me in the past. How are these programs different?
    Your health as an athlete is the most important thing to us. Our programs are designed to keep you injury free. Our tiered system allows an overall development of landing based movements. Not all of these are maximal. We provide a holistic approach, with supportive movements that will gradually develop your muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. If you are coming back from an injury, our 'Return to Sport' program will slowly integrate you back into plyos.
  • How do I know which program is right for me?
    A monthly subscription allows you access to all of our programs. These include sport specific programs, with off-season and in-season focus - as well as generic programs for increasing speed and power and a 'Return to Sport' option for anyone coming back from an injury or break. If you're ever in-doubt, we'd be happy to point you in the right direction to the best program for you.
  • What equipment will I need?
    Nothing. Just a flat surface to train on. We recommend performing plyometrics on firm grass, but they can be done on a court, gym surface, turf or even a road if you are struggling to find space. If you are ever in doubt, let us know and we can advise if your preferred area is suitable.
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