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Parkour & Plyos - the perfect pairing

12 week program / 2 sessions per week

Easy to follow video examples

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What is UPGRADE?

Jumps and Plyometrics
by 'The Plyo Guy' Matt McInnes Watson

Improve your standing and running pre's

Improve your short run-up challenges

Improve your kongs

Improve your strides

Improve all your jumping activities you find in Parkour

Available exclusively on the Plus Plyos app, Upgrade is a parkour and plyometric specific program, focusing on two key areas:

Upper Body Pulls

& Introduction to Lache Swinging
by 5x Parkour World Champ, Tim Champion

Improve your climb ups

Improve your 180s

Improve your dynos

Improve your upper body challenges

Improve your lache strength and dynamics through dedicated flexion & extension drills

*As with all of our programs, you don't need access to a gym environment - for the parkour specific exercises, you'll just need a head height wall for climb ups and a pull up bar for swings.

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