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Return to Sport

Returning from injury?

Or completely new to plyometrics? 

Our Return to Sport program is perfect for injuries to the ankle and knee and has been used by hundreds of athletes within our subscription to get them back into landing and taking off. 


Built for individuals who may have just started to light jog and move within their rehab process, this program is also a great choice if you have done little to no dynamic training or have had a considerable break and want a very easy starting point for our plyometrics. 

Key features:

Easy to follow video examples on the Plus Plyos app

8 week program / 2 sessions per week 

No equipment required, train anywhere

Access to in-app messaging for support & form check

Easy to manage testing opportunities 

Start your program today

T&C'S apply

Disclaimer: As with any new training program, it is always advised to consult with a medical professional before undergoing any new movements.

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